Five Reasons to Use PU Rollers on Heavy-duty Industrial Application

Polyurethane tires are renowned wheels in many industries and are used to enhance machines’ performance in every industry. There are several features inculcated in the Polyurethane tires that make them desirable for a particular caster application. Below are the five reasons that make the Polyurethane roller undeniable in Heavy-duty industrial applications.

1. Polyurethane rollers are mostly preferred in industrial applications due to their noiseless operation as wheels made of other materials will be noisy during operations. The shock is absorbed by Polyurethane and makes the ride smoother. It seems that the Polyurethane roller is better to utilize in any industry using heavy load machines as it predominantly reduces the noise.

2. The load-bearing capacity of the Polyurethane roller is incredible, and it seems to be a better option than rubber. Polyurethane simultaneously offers several benefits along with the load bear ability. While other materials like rubber had only some good characteristics, they were expensive. On the other side, Polyurethane inculcated every aspect that Polyurethane roller manufacturers look for, and it also seems a cost-effective option.

3. When it comes to protecting the floor, there is no better alternative than Polyurethane. With incredible characteristics, this material can generate a larger footprint than other materials like nylon. Due to its exceptional feature, the stress is reduced on the floor, and shape is also maintained for a considerable amount of time. A Polyurethane roller is the best choice for expensive floors, and you still need an efficient roller at a cost-effective price.

4. One of the best features that you will get is a better grip and traction. The friction between two bodies and the force pressing them together is the coefficient of friction. If the surface is rougher, then the effective values are higher, and the smoother surface will have lesser values because of the friction created when pressed together. When it comes to Polyurethane, the material provides more grip than other materials and prevents the carts from flipping. Moreover, the frictional coefficient is also high. The wheel materials should be capable of sliding without any problem, and Polyurethane rollers incorporate the high traction features that help to deduce the load amount on the wheel to acquire the required driving force.

5. There are different types with diverse properties that go well with particular environmental conditions when it comes to Polyurethanes. While other metals react with chemicals or water, Polyurethane doesn’t corrode when left to stay in the water. If you are utilizing chemicals or solvents in the process, you can prefer various PU rubber rollers for printing with unique properties to extend the machine’s life.


The Polyurethane roller has countless advantages that can be employed in many industrial applications. The aspects mentioned above of the PU roller are the best among the features. Apart from protecting floors, reducing noise, and other features, Polyurethane is corrosion resistant as well. It’s time to try out a Polyurethane roller from a reliable PU roller supplier to impact your industry.

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