Other Industries


Textile industry

We manufacture PU roller for textile industry for different machineries like Stentor, jigger, rotary, dyeing, mangle, loop and calendar machine. Hardness range from 40 shore A to 85 shore A. They are resistant to water, solvents, castic and have good load bearing capacity.

Wood Industry

Our customized polyurethane products for wood industry specializes for lamination, pasting, glue spreading and varnish application.

Its hardness range from 20 shore A to 95 shore A.

Sports and Leisure Industry

Polyurethane products are in high demand in sports and leisure industry because of its high performance high grades. It is used in various equipment’s like roller skates, ice skates, roller coasters and scooters ensuring individuals smooth and safe ride. Hardness of these products vary from 40 to 95 shore A.

Mining Industry

Hredaan Elastomers offers specially optimized pre polymer and semi-finished material for machined seal and has served a large numbers of mining companies. We manufacture polyurethane products of various hardness like scrapers, sieve plates for coal preparation, coal washing and transmission of various hardness.