Health Care Industry


We manufacture all kinds of polyurethane and rubber rollers used in various machines of manufacturing of healthcare industry.

  • Face Mask Making Machine
  • PPE Kits

Various types of rollers used in the machines are –

  • Feed roller
  • Pull rollers
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Trolley wheels

The above rollers and wheels are used in machines like N95 face mask machine, fully automatic face mask machine, surgical mask machines, Non-woven face mask machines, 3 Ply face mask machines and in manufacturing of PPE kits.
Hredaan Elastomers manufacturers’ highly reliable and sturdy rollers to bear high speed load of machines until the final product. We customize all the rollers as per the customer requirement for particular application. Ideal material is selected for top performance and hardness range from 40 to 90A.
Polyurethane Rollers are preferred by the health care industry because of its excellent characteristics like.

  • Very durable and increases productivity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Highly flexible and easily moldable
  • Excellent Shock Absorption
  • Cut and Tear Strength
  • Resistance to oil, ozone, radiation and corrosion
  • High Rebound
  • Impact Resistant Quality
  • Low temperature resistance
  • Extreme load bearing capacity