Tin Printing Industry

Metal Can Printing / Aluminium Composites Panels

Tin Printing / Metal Can Printing

Metal Can Printing Industry requires Highly Durable Rollers for their processes like Sheet Printing, Coating, Varnish, Lacquer , UV and more

Vintex has special Rollers which are resistant to Printing Inks, Coating and Varnish and above all has good Tear Resistant Properties, so that the Rollers doesn’t get damaged from Edges of the Sheets printed.

We provide Rollers both in EPDM and Polyurethane rubber from hardness ranging between 45°-60° Shore A.

Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite manufacturing process requires special High Quality Standard PU Rollers, these rollers have unique characteristics like they are resistant to Solvents, Ink, Paints, Coatings.

The rubber surface of rollers plays an important role in this Applicator Rollers and we at Hredaan Elastomers ensure that we achieve the desired values and deliver the Product with consistency.

The Hardness of Applicator Roller:  35°-45° Shore A.