Polyurethane or Rubber Rollers Which You Should Prefer ?

You will have countless queries when it comes to picking the perfect materials for your industrial rollers. If you already have rubber rollers, you might be thinking to change and check the efficiency of newer technologies. Need to know which is efficient in industrial rollers.


Both Polyurethane and rubber are considered elastomers due to their elastic properties. They are good at resisting acids while diluted. However, both are not good with lacquer solvents. But a few characteristics like combining with metal cores and machinable properties, they are good.



The advantage of Polyurethane rollers

There are several advantages to prefer PU rollers, and here we specify the qualities that attract manufacturers.

The durometer is very important, and Polyurethane possesses more than expected. The compound’s durometer ranges from 10 shores to 70 shores while rubber has a minimum of 90 shores A. Moreover, the chemical composition is also great. Though rubber is derived from sap and you can also include fillers to transform its characteristics, urethane is far better. It inculcates numerous formulations that can also be transformed in a way that you require.

One of the advantages of using PU Roller for Conveyors is that it won’t leave any mark on the material whereas rubber which infuses carbon will leave black marks on the surface where it is utilized.

Polyurethane is always the best as it is durable and won’t be spoiled when kept in wet environments for a long time, whereas rubber will instantly rot.

Abrasion resistance is yet another property that has to be inculcated in rollers as they undergo abrasion due to high friction and heavy load.

Though there are several similarities and differences between rubber and PU rollers, we have mentioned only a few characteristics that captured the attention of Polyurethane roller Manufacturer. These unique properties of Polyurethane can reduce manpower and downtime, which also saves cost.

The durometers and chemical properties of Polyurethane can improve the performance of your equipment. Polyurethane will not provide all your requirements of PU manufacturers, but it can deliver significant properties that are essential. Polyurethanes will incorporate exceptional urethane that exudes special features. There are several benefits to using the PU rollers. Cost and lead time are other factors that will incite your material choice. Rubber is way too expensive.

How to select the right Polyurethane roller manufacturer?

The Polyurethane rollers are utilized in numerous industries.

It is essential to check the PU roller features. From durometer and formulations, make sure that the roller incorporates all the finest features, and you need to acquire the best product for your requirements.

You should also verify their production process and ensure they make use of new urethane rollers.

You need to ask questions like surface finishes and check whether the manufacturers produce ground finish rollers.


There are countless PU roller manufacturers in the country, but it is essential to find the right supplier who will provide the best quality products that you can use without any issues. Ensure that the manufacturers you prefer have the best qualities that are addressed above.

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