PU Roller for Printing & Packaging Industry

Five features you need to check when choosing the PU roller

If you are planning to make major changes in your industrial application, then it is time to check out the best aspect that you should include in the machines. Polyurethane has been a reliable product in the polyurethane rollers printing & packaging industry for several years. Here are a few features that you should expect from the Polyurethane roller.

Before we dig in further, you should know about the PU roller in detail.

Polyurethane roller delivers unusual characteristics of inculcating a rubber roller’s elasticity along with the added values like sturdiness, longevity, and more. Being considered as the workhorses of the rollers, the PU roller is suitable for any environment and weather conditions. Industries that use heavy loading machines were looking for better material than rubber and Nylon. When Polyurethane had all the properties PU roller Manufacturer required, there was no dilemma in choosing the right material. Many industries upgraded with Polyurethane rollers as they are both sturdy to move heavier weights and fragile to push effortlessly.

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Now, let us see about Polyurethane rollers’ features, which makes them an undeniable choice for manufacturers.

The weight carrying capacity is incredible

A Polyurethane roller can carry weight heavier than the traditional rollers made of rubber and nylon castors. This is one feature that keeps the manufacturers to prefer Polyurethane every time. The rollers have come a long way from heavy-duty maneuvering on machinery to the PU rubber rollers printing & packaging.

Abrasion Resistance is high

If you prefer longevity to any other characteristics, then you should prefer Polyurethane rollers. Other rollers made of rubber or Nylon have very less abrasion resistance when compared to Polyurethane. Though Nylon is better than rubber when it comes to durability, the abrasion resistance property makes it unreliable. When it comes in contact with the abrasive environment, the movement may be deterred. To prevent these issues, manufacturers prefer Polyurethane.

More activities are done sans noise

While using any material other than Polyurethane, the noise and vibration can’t be controlled during any activity. By including the Polyurethane material, you can eradicate the sound that arises while performing the operations. This is one such reason that makes Polyurethane rollers popular among the Polyurethane Rubber Rollers Manufacturer.

Oil and Solvent Resistance is an added advantage

Unlike other metals, the Polyurethane roller does not reach with any chemical, solvent, or even with water. The property of oil and solvent-resistance of Polyurethane keeps corrosion at bay. When the material comes in contact with oil, petrol, or any other chemical, the physical properties remain the same.

Impact Resistance

Polyurethane rollers can be utilized in any unprecedented environment as they have higher impact resistance than other materials.


When you are looking for the best rollers for your machine, you should consider Polyurethane rollers without any doubt. PU roller will be the best for businesses of all sizes from stupendous physical properties to competitive prices. However, it is essential to buy it from a reliable retailer.

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